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Compare RSA Life Cover with our panel of life cover providers! With Uk's Top life cover brands as our providers you'll be sure to find the best life insurance coverage that fits your criteria.

RSA Life Insurance

The Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA) is a leading provider of life insurance policies in the United Kingdom. RSA Life Insurance plans are offered under the More TH>N brand.

Get an online quote from RSA Life Insurance and see how cheap monthly premiums can be. There's no complicated or lengthy forms to fill out. You could have your policy by the end of the day.

Protection products from RSA Life More TH>N include four different covers: Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.

Life Insurance with RSA is provided as a term cover. This means that you'll be covered for a fixed term or period of time. If you are diagnosed from a terminal illness or if you pass away during the policy's term, you, your family or your dependants are paid out a lump cash sum.

Mortgage Life Insurance with RSA is provided as a decreasing term cover. The coverage decreases over the duration of the term, as do the premiums. The policy is designed to fall in line with the outstanding balance of a repayment mortgage, which also reduces over time.

Critical Illness Cover with RSA pays out a lump sum when you are diagnosed from a critical illness. A list of approved critical illnesses can be obtained. Conditions such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and multiple sclerosis are included.

Income Protection Insurance with RSA pays out a monthly benefit when you are unable to work. Coverage goes up to 12 months. If you become unemployed, get sick or you get into an accident, this insurance policy can protect your loss of income that you normally would experience.


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